Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Weight Loss

11 simple tips for weight loss

1. Stop eating snacks, junk, oily, processed, non-vegetarian, fat rich food.
2. Reduce the quantity of carbohydrate rich food like rice, potato etc.,
3. Eat more vegetables, fruits. Drink more water.
4. Eat only during regular meal times and only if you are hungry. Do not stuff your stomach. 
5. Walk as often and as long as you can.
6. Reduce the time spent sitting in front of TV, computer and in work place. 
7. Do not go for any magic weight loss pills, belts etc., The natural way of weight loss is the best way.
8. Take a look at your photographs in which you are slim. This inspires and gives you cnfidence to lose weight.
9. Engage more time in your favourite sport / outdoor game.
10. Go for a picnic / trip regularly. 
11. Don’t be a lonely goose. Get more social. Get more friends. You would naturally want to look good in front of them.



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