Saturday, June 4, 2011

Shutdown your Computer using Command

Here is a trick to shutdown your computer  at a specific time.
you can shutdown your computer without the use of any software.
There are two type of command u can use for this,,,,,
OK we will see how to dooooooooooo:::::


Type Code:        at 11:35 shutdown -s

To cancel or Abort the shutdown:

Type Code:        shutdown -a

Type  Code: shutdown –s –m\\computername –t60. This command will shutdown the computer on network if you have administrative access..

Alternative method to create a shutdown timer:::

Step 1: Right click on your desktop and choose “New=>shortcuts”.
Step 2:
In the box that says “Type the location of the shortcut”,
type in “shutdown -s -t 3600” without the quotation marks and click next.
Note: 3600 are the amount of seconds before your computer shuts down. So , this means 3600 seconds = 60 mints (1 hour).

To abort or cancel the shutdown:
To make an abort key to stop the shutdown timer just create another shortcut and make
the “location of the shortcut” to ” shutdown -a” without the quotes.

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